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Linux Data

Solution to Linux Data Recovery

Data recovery is one of the important requirements of any modern day user of computers and technology. There is so much data around and much of it is of utmost importance to the user. But many-a-times it happens that we or someone else deletes some very important data by mistake. That is where the data recovery techniques come handy. The open source operating system Linux is used by many, even by some high end servers. Being open source there are many distributions of Linux. RTS Data Recovery uses advanced data recovery technology and tools to recover inaccessible data across all the distributions, thus making the Linux data recovery process easy.

The data recovery on Linux requires a great deal of expertise. This is because the file systems in Linux are entirely different from what is seen in Windows. Though Linux supports many file systems the most commonly seen ones is the ext family which includes ext2, ext3 and ext4. It is different from the NTFS and FAT system which we normally see in Windows. The strength of RTS Data Recovery lies in the fact that it has trained engineers who are experts in handling the plethora of Operating systems built on the Linux kernel. We can assure you that the Linux recovery services are the best you can get.

We, at RTS Data Recovery provide some entirely unique Linux recovery services. This includes recovering a Linux partition, data recovery from missing files and folders, providing file recovery from a variety of hard drive media and many others. Though there are differences in the file systems of Linux and other operating systems, one thing which should be noted is that Linux like its Windows and Mac counterparts is based on hard disks and hence is highly prone to failure and hence data loss. Therefore the loss of critical data cannot be avoided in many cases. But with the data recovery in Linux provided by RTS Data Recovery, we assist you in the best possible way to recover almost any kind of data.

Our Key Linux Recovery Features:

Linux Data
  • We provide Linux partition recovery from a deleted logical partition
  • Provide data recovery from missing files and folders
  • Provides recovery of deleted file(s) for Ext2 File system
  • Provide volume recovery on Linux systems with damaged Super Block or Inode List.
  • Ability to scan the disk to find previously existing partitions and restore the file(s), allowing Linux Partition Data Recovery
  • Provide File recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA & SCSI hard drive media

There are several homemade versions of Linux as well. They are customized as per the requirements of the individual users. So even if any user is running a homemade version or a version of Linux that is not very popular among the masses, RTS Data Recovery extends its hands in the data recovery process. We offer the best service you can possibly get.

Don’t forget that Linux systems are (like their Windows and Mac counterparts) based around hard disks and as such will be prone to all the usual types of hard disk failure.

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