My external Mac drive suddenly failed on me and would not mount on my computer. I had 25 years of work (2 TB) and no backup. I had someone come out to help me but he was a PC person and was not familiar with Mac. He was unable to do anything. I made several calls to Data Recovery companies. While most were closed or closing and wanted me to bring my drive the next day, RTS Recovery was open late hours and Paul was incredibly helpful. After working on my drive through the night and getting it to mount, the data was coming off the drive corrupt. Paul was able to send my hard drive out to be rebuilt and the data was successfully recovered. The things I like best about this company are

1. Paul - he was amazing - helpful, informative, sincere.
2. The pricing - First off, if they cannot retrieve the data there is NO CHARGE. That says ALOT!
3. Pricing. While other companies quoted me more than double "worst case scenario" prices. I was a worst case scenario and was relieved that it cost me 1/3 the price I was quoted by many other companies.

Thank God and Paul, I now have all my data and am back in business. He even backed up the new drive onto another new drive for me so I start out with everything on 2 drives.

Long Beach, CA

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