Matt M.

What I liked about RTS was that they offered to look at my hard drive at no cost. Many companies don't offer this.

I gave them my hard drive to examine because I believed it wasn't working. RTS checked it, said it wasn't working, and that it would cost $600 to repair. That was out of my price range, so I didn't pursue it.

However, when I got home, I reinstalled the hard drive to double check that it was still not working. To my surprise, it started working. Then, I looked closely at the drive and realized that I had given RTS the wrong drive.

So basically, RTS checked a healthy drive and told me it wasn't working. I thought about going back to them with the broken drive, but because of my experience, I decided against it.

Comment from Paul H. of RTS Data Recovery
Business Owner
5/21/2018 - We are sorry there was a mix up on which drive you delivered to us. The one you gave us did not spin up as noted and we returned it totally free of charge. It's very common for hard drives to work on and off and on before they go completely dead. It's very possible your "good" drive is also on its way out. In either event, we apologize for the inconvenient and again since we never charged you for any work, a sincere apology is all we can offer you. If you would like us to look at the correct drive free of charge we would be happy to do so.

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