David S. A.

My hard drive (HD) at work died and I was faced with losing months of SQL scripts. I should have backed up. I had asked my IT support staff to back up my hard drive. I hadn't backed up. Our IT wanted to drive my HD to a place in Irvine that wanted $1,200 to attempt to recover the data.

I found RTS using Google Maps and they were very local--I live and work in Long Beach--so I was able to drop the drive off the same day. Paul was able to tell me within a day that the magnetic heads had died and that he would need to send it to a clean room for recovery. In a couple days, Paul provided me with a URL to view the content of the recovered files, which included everything that I cared about, plus a lot of files that I had deleted a long time ago.

What impressed me most was that there was no charge if RTS couldn't recover my data, unlike the distant place in Irvine. I had dropped off a working external USB drive with my dead one and was able to stop by a few days later and pick it up with all my lost files on it, along with the corpse of my dead drive.

The service was friendly, professional, and convenient, the results were as good as I could imagine, the price was very reasonable (based on HD size, contingent on success), and RTS saved me from wasting another couple weeks recreating all my scripts from scratch.

Paul saved me from having to suffer, and I prefer paying a reasonable price in cash to paying in embarrassing, wasted effort and time. I have already referred a complete stranger whom I overheard lamenting his own hard drive failure.

I have my files backed up now. Most quality educations aren't available so cheaply.

Long Beach, CA

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