Anthony Y.

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Instead of using RTS Data Recovery, I used another service. RTS will give you a flat price up front. The other service only gave me a quote after I sent my hard drive to them. The quote was HIGHER than what Paul quoted me. After some negotiations, they matched the price that RTS gave me. However, they couldn't recover my data. They even charged me to send my hard drive back.

In desperation, I contacted RTS Data Recovery. They were able to recover my missing data. But there was contamination on the hard drive. It seems that the prior service's clean room was not so clean.

So in sum, go with RTS Data recovery the first time. Yes, the price of data recovery is expensive in general. Be prepared to spend a lot. But the folks at RTS are cheaper than others and better than others. You can't go wrong. I wish I had picked them first.

Clayton, NC

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