Alex S.

Had a laptop hard drive crash after Windows pushed an update last week. Contacted Paul and had the drive in Fed Ex the next day. Luckily they were able to make a 100% mechanical recovery (take out the hard drive platters in a clean room and then spin them up in another device). Shame on me for not having redundant real time backups (I have 2 now). I knew better than to have a back up that was over a month old, so this was my penance.

Paul was more than communicative and had great advise for backing up. He should know - he deals with this every day. LEARN FROM HIM!!

My review would not change if they couldn't recover anything. I was impressed with their turnaround and communication which goes miles in a situation like this. Hats off to the RTS team. I hope I never have to talk to Paul again in this context, but thank God people like him are around when you need them.

Clayton, NC

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