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  • Daniel B.
    I thought I had lost it all. I couldn't get any computer to read my external hard drive, which is where I had put all of my information. I googled for ways to fix my issue and I just got complicated, elaborate, lengthy steps to "try" to fix it. I took it to geek squad and they told me they had to send it away and that it was going to be really expensive. Finally I was counselled to look for a data recovery place, which is probably what geek squad was going to do anyway, and I found RTS. I called and was able to set an appointment pretty quickly. Dropped off my hard drive and they called me soon after and told me what they were going to be able to do. They were able to save my stuff. I couldn't have been more satisfied.
  • Rose K.
    I was Assistant Editing a docuseries shooting on a 5D and a c300. I arrived on set and the DP handed me the card to unload. It wouldn't read. nothing was showing up. NOTHING. After many panicked hours of trying different card readers and checking other cards, we figured the CF card was bad. We could NOT afford to shoot a whole additional day. In a state of alarm, I asked my DIT friend who they recommended for looking into a bad CF card. They actually recommended this place in WEHO. Not Long Beach. I think a lot of people might be confused by that. It appears there is one RTS in WEHO and in Long Beach, and it appears they are owned by the same company, but according to yelp (at the time) the office in Long Bech was the only one open past 9pm on a Friday night (thank God!!) so we called the one in Long Beach, figuring they'd be less busy than a recovery place in hollywood, near all the studios. We were right. Call the number and try to speak with Paul if you can. I believe his extension is 37. I explained my situation and he he said he could take a look at it that night if I could get there by 1030pm, and that they usually take a few days to review data (understandably, I'm sure I'm not his only client). I raced down to Long Beach from Hollywood. It was a little hard to find, it's basically a huge condo-looking white tower next to other huge white towers. and the entrance you want is in the back of the building, drive down the little hill (if you're on the main street) and turn left. The next little entrance that looks like a private apt parking garage is it! Pull in there (park anywhere) and tell the sector guard you're there to see Paul at RTS. Then you sign in and Paul will come down from his ivory tower of helpfulness and take your drive and give you a rough time estimate. In my case, he took it up, the security guard offered me a styrofoam cup of water and some bbq potato chips from his stash (thanks guy!) like I was in the waiting room of the ICU instead of some fancy condo skyscraper. They have a little rec room down there you can watch tv or nervous scan old books on the book shelf. I recommend insanely checking your phone every minute to see if Paul has somehow saved your career. Up to you. 20 mins later Paul called me and said he was able to see *something* on the card. Which is a positive sign. He asked if I could wait another hour while he ran tests. I said yes (I'd rather stay than drive all the way back). He ran more tests and later called . He had found media on the card, but it wasn't copying off. He told me he'd need to run some more tests on it, with equipment he doesn't usually use, in the morning, as it was 1130pm (past closing time). So I left, encouraged that he found SOMETHING on the card, and after he assured me I hadn't accidentally (somehow) deleted it. He can see if files have been deleted or damaged. It was the latter. Which apparently "happens all the time". Terrifying! TIP: TAKE YOUR DAMAGED DEVICE, LAPTOP AND WORKING EXTRA HARD DRIVE WITH YOU. He asked for a hard drive to put the possible recovered data on, and we were able to test it on my laptop in the lobby. Next day: I get a call from Paul saying he wasn't able to save the data. It's showing as .mov files now (yay) but it won't copy or move. He said the last idea he had was to send it to his associates in Sacramento who can (apparently) do a deeper scrub of the data and mail back a stick. I asked how much that would be. He said "For a CF card recovery we charge $200 plus tax. If we do not recover the CF card, we don't charge you anything. To send this card overnight to Sacramento would cost an additional $30 (or whatever UPS is going to charge). We can try to upload it to a server but since this is a lot of data and you are short on time, I would recommend having my counterparts buy you a thumb drive and have them mail that to you directly if they are able to restore the data." Pretty dang good deal. Then Paul shipped the damaged CF card to Sacramento and that evening they were able to recover the files and PLAY them without error. The next day they were delivered and converted as usual. Very very thankful for Paul's sense of urgency on our shoot. Highly recommend him, he could have totally raped us but he didn't.
  • Sammy P.
    Paul was very helpful and didn't seem at all to be taking advantage of me, someone who doesn't know much at all about how all this hard drive stuff works. He gave me discounts when he could and they were able to retrieve my information. The Apple store somehow messed up my glide pad(?) (mouse for a Macbook) so it was very difficult to use and Paul went above and beyond and fixed that for me as well at no cost.
  • Mellena N.
    I had almost two GB of information on a jump drive where I had created all of the course work for four classes that I teach at a local university. I showed up for class and all of a sudden the computer would not recognize that my drive was plugged in. Luckily I had a back up that got me through that class, but I quickly realized I had only backed up about half of three of my courses and none of the fourth. I panicked and began searching for ways to recover my data. I found the RTS website and put in request for a quote. They called me within minutes to discuss what I needed. They assured me that they could most likely recover the data and the cost would be $200. I sent the drive off and within hours of receiving the notification that it had been delivered I received a phone call to let me know they had already recovered my data and it was immediately made available for me to recover from a cloud service as well as mailing me a hard copy of all of the information. This service is outstanding! I will recommend them to everyone!
  • Jackie M.
    To all at RTS Data Recovery, thank you so much for all your help with my daughter's computer. It definitely was an emergency situation. As soon as I explained the problem, you jumped into action to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The customer service, ease of communication, and the willingness to go out of the way to make the process painless was above and beyond. Everything that was promised to be done was superb!!! In this day and age there are not many companies that even compare to the quality of your service. I can't say enough about the quality of your company. I highly recommend that anyone with a computer problem, Data recovery need or question to call RTS Data Recovery! Thank you again.
  • John R.
    Paul was very helpful and fast to recover my data. Best pricing around - I highly recommend them!
  • Ken Collins
    These guys are great! Much more affordable than most other recovery services. They were able to recover my drive - saving my business. I would have rated them 5 stars, but they took a couple days longer than they promised. I am very happy with the service, have already recommended them to a friend in the same predicament, and will use/recommend them again if needed.
  • Iojafae S.
    I'm not one to leave reviews, but the service RTS provided was unbeatable. I lost over 7TB of data in RAID5 and they were able to recover all but 3% - which was amazing news. More than anything, though, was how frequently Paul would call me to give an update on how things were going and approximately how much time was left. I've had thousand-dollar car repairs done without one call, let alone the 3+ Paul gave me. I admit that I shopped around for quite a few data recovery services, but RTS gave the best price and even gave me advice on what I could do if I chose not to use a data recovery service. If I ever lose anything again (I really hope not), there's no doubt that I'll be going with RTS again.
  • Jon L.
    I can't believe these guys got my data back, everyone else told me it was lost forever. Totally worth the money. All the other guys I called were almost double what they price even if they didn't find anything. What I like about RTS Data Recovery is they even guaranteed if they couldn't get any of my data, they wouldn't charge.
  • John Q L.
    My drive suddenly failed on me around dinner time in Friday. Most other recovery services were closed and I did not know what to do, and I found RTS Data Recovery does a weekend job as well. I contacted Paul Hersh immediately and he recovered my precious and valuable data within the weekend. They know what they are doing and I am satisfied with the results.
  • Kerri B.
    Extremely impressed with the service. I found RTS Data Recovery on an Internet search, along with many other companies. I read up on a few companies and RTS Data Recovery offered the best price, free diagnosis, and a guarantee policy, no data, no pay. We sent our drive off and had a response of a successful data recovery within 48 hours. We had our data back to us within a week. Extremely impressed with the service, very professional and knowledgeable, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  • Gina H.
    We had years of work on our company computer which died on us without a warning. RTS Data Recovery managed to get all of our data back without making us feel bad for not backing up more frequently. They were very prompt and professional. They even set us up on an automated cloud backup system. They saved our life not to mention a lot of money. We use them now for all of our computer issues. We even purchased a few new systems from then and they did the setup and installation without a hitch, it was completely seamless. Finally, a company I can depend on. Their work is Excellent!!!
  • Allen T.
    There are a lot of data recovery companies out there... I went RTS Data Recovery because of the professionalism I experienced over the phone and their lowest price, no data, no pay guarantee. The prices I was being quoted from other companies were outrageous. RTS came through with flying colors. They recovered all my data and at responsible price. They sent my recovered data on a new backup drive that I just plugged in and there it all was. Highly recommend this company!
  • Rob H.
    I couldn't have asked for more. Straightforward pricing, very fast, very detailed response. Best part? RTS Data Recovery received my bad disk on Saturday night, began working immediately, replacing read heads in their cleanroom. By Sunday I knew what was recoverable, and worked with them on how to deliver it to me. I got expedited service at no extra charge. Thanks a ton, Paul and crew!
  • Tony H.
    This kind of work can be expensive, but after shopping around, they had the best prices. Walked me through the process and before I knew it, a few days later they had found all my lost data. Quick, easy and professional.
  • Linda L.
    I highly recommend RTS Data Recovery, they are very knowledgeable in their profession, very professional, and most of all, excellent customer service! I dropped my Mac and destroyed my hard drive, 2 days later I had a new hard drive installed and miraculously they some how salvaged and recovered all my data. All this after Apple told me they couldn't help me with the data recovery part. Apple was the one to refer me to RTS Data Recovery, there apart of the Apple Consultants Network.
  • Dave P.
    I found RTS Data Recovery through Yelp and these guys are great. They were able to recover all the photos and files from my damaged external hard drive. They offer a free diagnostic test and provide you with the a price quote along with likelihood of recovery (e.g. 80-90%). It took about a week for them to complete their work and they sent me a list of recovered files to confirm that I was satisfied with the results. I was very impressed with their customer service and highly recommend them for their data recovery services.
  • George C.
    Above and beyond any expectations. Our NAS drive died with critical data in it. Usually losing 2 drives in a RAID 5 spells doom, but Paul and his team assured me that they will their very best to recover as much data as possible. And they did! We got above 97% of our files back. Thank you guys and while hopefully this doesn't happen again, if it ever does, RTS Data Recovery would be my first call!
  • Susan E.
    My camera memory card was accidentally deleted and I lost about 1300 pictures. I called Real Time and spoke with a rep right away. The Rep quoted a very reasonable rate for the recovery with no charge if they were unable to recover the pictures. He walked me through a simple ordering and shipping process. I mailed the card on Saturday and received a call the following Tuesday that all my pictures had been recovered and were on their way back to me. It was no stress, quick and very reasonable. I highly recommend
  • Michael C.
    Check around, the prices don't get any better that these. I checked with another company they gave me a range of $900-$3600. I ended up paying less than that with RTS Data Recovery, and I had a very complicated recovery.

    Paul and his colleagues kept at it until everything was fully recovered, then he apologized for having it take so long! (It was eight days, more than reasonable)

    I chose them because they were local, but I would hire them regardless of that in the future.

  • John Zieg
    I was working on my notebook when I did a restart and the 500 GB internal hard drive started chirping like a canary. What a depressing feeling as you recall your last backup date, and your mind begins to grasp just how much stuff has disappeared into thin air. Getting it back is now Job #1 and the first thing is is to make sure you don't give it to some hack who tries to recover the data and can't but charges you for trying. After doing some research, I found RTS. After talking with Paul I regained some piece of mind and confidence that he could probably recover my data. He quoted me a fixed fee and if he couldn't recover the data, there would be no charge. Paul kept me informed during the recovery process and a week later I had my data back. What more could you ask?
  • Tom F.
    I sent my hard drive here because it crashed and no one could get it to work. I had a ton of GoPro video on there so I was not a happy camper. Well, they got it all back! I can't believe it. Defiantly worth the money.
  • Laura M.
    prices seem a bit steep. $200 to fix 1tb drive, or $900 for data recovery on drive 1tb. do like that they called me at 2am shortly after I requested a quote tho.
  • Skyler T.
    Came in on Monday morning couldn't access my server. Friend recommended RTS. Sure enough they were able to recover the data in a few days, kept in touch with me during the whole process. Everything recovered, service exceeded my expectations. Would defiantly recommend.
  • Brittany Gray
    I am very grateful to have found Paul and RTS Data Recovery. I had been carrying around some important documents on a 4gb USB flash drive and one day it went out. The tech guy at my job couldn't recover the data and I was quoted close to $1,000 by a few other companies. RTS was able to check out the drive the next day and they recovered 100% of my data for a fraction of the price that the other guys tried to charge. Great company, highly recommended!
  • Seth A.
    I sent these.guys my hard drive after it complexly just stopped working. They got back to me as soon as they received it and discussed the problem in plain english so I could see what I was up against and how much it would cost. No charge if they can't get any data! Long story short, they recovered my lost files which the big chain stores like Best Buy said could not be done.
  • Molly M.
    If I could give RTS Data Recovery more than 5 stars I would! It is such a horrible feeling to lose so many important files off of your computer or a hard drive in my case and RTS Data Recovery saved the day. Paul was amazing to work with, he got back all of my files in less than a day at a great price. I called around to a couple places that left me feeling a little hesitant especially with such an important task and I am so glad I went with RTS. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has lost files, failed drives, etc.
  • Mary S.
    I had very little hope anyone could recover data from my crashed hard drive. I had already tried for hours on my own, and then took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, who told me the data was irrecoverable. I was devastated, but did some internet searching and found RTS in Long Beach. So, I contacted RTS 2 days before Christmas at 3pm, on a Sunday. I dropped off the damaged drive plus an external drive for the backup, and by 5pm Paul called and said he was able to recover the data and was in the process of backing it all up to the external drive. He consistently updated me on the progress, double checking to make sure he was finding everything. The only file that wasn't recoverable was my Outlook email .pst file, but I think that was because it had been corrupted during one of my attempts to "recover" it on my own. By 8pm I was able to go pick it up. A 5-hour turnaround is remarkable, and well worth the $285 to recover all my photos and personal files. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul at RTS to anyone who thinks their data is lost--he is a miracle worker!
  • Jacob K.
    My disk crashed recently & I looked for some out of state experts - since we don't seem to have such commercial entities in NM. I found RTS Data Recovery and they made a compelling pitch for my business - They pay for shipping; I pay only if they recover my data. Sure enough they did - as promised, and I was up and running again within a week. Their technicians are very friendly - and explain the issues in clear language. No snow jobs here. Very fair rates - and outstanding results. I would recommend RTS without any hesitation
  • Miranda G.
    I am so happy to be the first to write a review for RTS. Loosing data is no fun, especially when that data is pictures and you are a photographer! I had lost over 4 photoshoots, a few that could not be re done. RTS was very quick on calling me back ( I called at 730am frantic and worried, and got a call back very shortly after I talked to the answering service) I was updated constantly when the tech Paul was working through my system, and he endured a few annoying worried calls from me as well. To my surprise, he got all my images back I needed at a REALLY low cost considering all the work he did to literally not just retrieve data back, but REPAIR image files that had been corrupted. I HIGHLY recommend this company, they also do not charge you unless he got the job done.
  • Craig H.
    I highly recommend RTS Data Recovery, they retrieved all my data after I accidently dropped my external hard drive. I was told by 2 other companies that it would cost thousands of dollars to retrieve my data. RTS got it all at a fair price. Very professional, and most of all, excellent customer service!
  • A Google User
    A week ago I was unfortunately faced with a Blue Screen morning. In a panic (as I am self employed and my data is critical) called RTS Data Recovery. The team was extremely helpful and told me to bring my laptop in and they would see what they could do. After diagnosing the problem as a failing hard drive, they stayed overtime on a Friday night to carefully transfer all of my data and get it back to me so I could run payroll in time to pay my employees! I would highly recommend RTS for any of your computer/IT needs!
  • Sharon O.
    There are a lot of data recovery companies out there… I went RTS Data Recovery because of the professionalism I experienced over the phone and their lowest price, no data, no pay guarantee. The prices I was being quoted from other companies were outrageous. RTS came trough with flying colors. They recovered all my data and at responsible price. They sent my recovered data on a new backup drive that I just plugged in and there it all was. Highly recommend this company!
  • Matt M.
    What I liked about RTS was that they offered to look at my hard drive at no cost. Many companies don't offer this. I gave them my hard drive to examine because I believed it wasn't working. RTS checked it, said it wasn't working, and that it would cost $600 to repair. That was out of my price range, so I didn't pursue it. However, when I got home, I reinstalled the hard drive to double check that it was still not working. To my surprise, it started working. Then, I looked closely at the drive and realized that I had given RTS the wrong drive. So basically, RTS checked a healthy drive and told me it wasn't working. I thought about going back to them with the broken drive, but because of my experience, I decided against it.

    Comment from Paul H. of RTS Data Recovery
    Business Owner
    5/21/2018 - We are sorry there was a mix up on which drive you delivered to us. The one you gave us did not spin up as noted and we returned it totally free of charge. It's very common for hard drives to work on and off and on before they go completely dead. It's very possible your "good" drive is also on its way out. In either event, we apologize for the inconvenient and again since we never charged you for any work, a sincere apology is all we can offer you. If you would like us to look at the correct drive free of charge we would be happy to do so.
  • Bruce James Barnetson
    RTS Data Recovery did a great job recovering an abundance of photos and videos when my external hard drive crashed Thank you!
  • Lucas North
    Paul and RTS have helped me numerous times over the years and I just can't see myself using anyone else for the rest of my career.
  • Majeed Sana
    Very happy with RTS Data Recovery as they recovered all my files and kept in constant communication with me every step of the way. Thanks for help!
  • Faisal Mehmood
    They were able to recover all of my data in a reasonable amount of time and we are very pleased with the service!
  • Muhammad Danish Khatri
    They were able to recover all of my data in a reasonable amount of time and we are very pleased with the service! We thought we had lost video recordings of interviews with my grandparents who are both deceased now but they were able to recover all of data perfect service and highly recommend
  • MonkeefuzzMovies
    My external Mac drive suddenly failed on me and would not mount on my computer. I had 25 years of work (2 TB) and no backup. I had someone come out to help me but he was a PC person and was not familiar with Mac. He was unable to do anything. I made several calls to Data Recovery companies. While most were closed or closing and wanted me to bring my drive the next day, RTS Recovery was open late hours and Paul was incredibly helpful. After working on my drive through the night and getting it to mount, the data was coming off the drive corrupt. Paul was able to send my hard drive out to be rebuilt and the data was successfully recovered. The things I like best about this company are 1. Paul - he was amazing - helpful, informative, sincere. 2. The pricing - First off, if they cannot retrieve the data there is NO CHARGE. That says ALOT! 3. Pricing. While other companies quoted me more than double "worst case scenario" prices. I was a worst case scenario and was relieved that it cost me 1/3 the price I was quoted by many other companies. Thank God and Paul, I now have all my data and am back in business. He even backed up the new drive onto another new drive for me so I start out with everything on 2 drives.
  • Ashley Hadzopoulos
    I dropped my external drive and got the clicking sound when trying to read the drive on my computer. I didn't know about data recovery and thought I just lost all my photography from years of travel. I am SO grateful I found RTS. They emailed me a shipping label and returned a perfectly restored 750GB of photos in a little over a week. I learned in my research that if you want the job done right/successfully, you need to use a high quality and sterile lab and that a legit lab will cost some money. You get what you pay for! There are cheaper places that do it in-house, but don't do it. RTS has very reasonable pricing at like half what others quoted of same quality. Plus if they can't restore the files, you don't pay anything. They have a success rate of 95+%. Definitely recommend.
  • Zetta E.
    This is the only place I bring my MacBooks if I need more complex jobs that I cannot do myself, like hardware repair and data recovery.
  • Tuli B.
    RTS is amazing!!! They got almost all, if not all, of my 1TB hard drive back from the dead! (P.S. DO NOT DROP AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE FROM ANY HEIGHT!) I was in desperate need and all other companies wanted $1500 or more!! RTS not only restored my data, they kept me informed the entire way! Note: They will ask for a credit card but they will not charge that card until they have recovered your data and even then, they ask for your permission after notifying you of what all they were able to recover. Simply amazing! Super nice people, efficient and worth every penny!! Thank you all! You are a life saver!!!!
  • Kirk B.
    Look no further is you need 'the guy' to recover your hard drive. Paul and RTS were first rate. Quick service, great follow up, fair price. What was lost, Paul found and recovered. Hope I never need this service again, but if I do, RTS and Paul will be my first, and likely only call.
  • Michael C.
    I turned my drive in yesterday and I have it today. I am so excited. Paul did everything that he said he would do. His communication style is open and honest. Paul was super professional. Great service!!!
  • Gregory W.
    I am a traveling photographer. Are often time will create a traveling hard drive to carry with me to work on projects while I'm on the road. Well I was traveling in 2015 and my hard drive stopped responding. I was quoted prices up to $1,000 to recover the data. The price made me Shy Away. I gave RTS a call and working with Paul he quoted me a flat rate on a standard hard drive recovery which is consistent with the industry. However he said that you can also provide the service for flat rate that maybe do the job. I dropped my hard drive off to Paul 5 p.m. and I had it back the next day at 7 p.m. Paul communication was exceptional. I was really happy with the service. I'm ecstatic to have all those images back. Thank you RTS and thank you Paul!
  • Christian Y.
    I had a broken external hard drive and I was afraid the data would be lost since I haven't used it in 6 months. RTS retrieved all my files in just a few hours for $95. So thankful because the files were priceless photos of my wife and I living in Australia for 3 years.
  • Daniela G.
    I am so happy I found this service!! Paul is a very professional, kind and helpful person. In less than 24 hrs I had my data recovered. I highly recommend them. Thank you!
  • Yeonmee K.
    One thing i can say Paul save my life :) My extra hard drive just stop working. '7 year's of family photo and video' i almost lost. But Paul save it!! I was in panic and dont know what to do. Paul was really nice , explain everything and let me know what i have todo later too. I hope never happen again but if it happen i will definitely visit again :).
  • Jason Tim
    Thank you so much for the awesome service! Highly recommended.

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